Тайна Мортлейк Mansion Скачать бесплатно

Эта игра о поиске скрытых объектов. Сцены очень сложные. Есть много объектов помещается в кадр. Так что приходится смотреть очень внимательно, чтобы найти спрятанные предметы.

The player will get a list of items which need to be found. So one has to be very keen in looking around. The design of items is of antique style. So when hidden objects are randomly placed it is very difficult task to find. Player has three modes to play. Easy, medium and Expert. After clearing each level you get mini puzzles to solve. These puzzles are brain teasers and player has to complete in minimum time to get maximum points.

Mystery Of Mortlake Mansion Free Download

These type of games make your mind more sharp. Even your IQ score gets well by playing such hidden objects finding games. When list of items is completed you can get to next mission. Overall story is that player is detective and has to solve a mystery case. Those items are valuable evidences which might help in solving case files. The more you find objects, the more you are close to solving case.

There may be certain hints and clues which you can take for solving case files. But you should save clues for difficult stages and don’t waste them on initial levels.

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