Dovend licht 2015 Spel gratis downloaden

Dovend licht 2015 Game Free Download in single direct link for windows. Dovend licht 2015 is survival and game based on zombies.

Dying Light PC Game 2015 Overzicht

Dying Light is an action and horror game that has been developed under the banner of Techland, a Polish video game developer and is published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment on 27th of January 2015. Dying Light game is presented in first person perspective. Escape dead island 2014 is een ander spel dat je kunt downloaden.

Dying Light 2015 Game Free Download

Dying Light PC game has a zombie apocalypse theme and is set in an open world where the player can travel on a vast land. Dying Light PC game a got free running mechanics which will allow the character to jump from one roof to another in an urban area. The majority of fighting is with melee weapons. Kayle Crane an under cover agent is sent to face th emusic in the infected city of Harran, Turkey.Dying Light PC game is divided in day and night mode. In day time the player can collect weapons and other items as well as can save a survivors randomly roaming around. The infected zombies though are slow in their movements but they will grow in numbers and that is where the danger arise. A comprehensive weather system is also included in Dying Light PC game and the player can set the weather as foggy, rainy or windy. When the night arrives the infected zombies become more dangerous and they acquire the ability to sprint. Their senses increase and they can post a larger threat to the player. These zombies can also jump from one roof to another like the player. To avoid the physical contact with zombies the player can use night sense so that they can locate a zombie in the dark. You can also download dreadout.

Dying Light 2015 Game Free Download

Dying Light game has received positive response from the critics. It is the first game based on the Chrome Engine 6. Built with DirectX 11 the game delivers a level of visual quality. With stunning visual, awesome special effects and dynamic weather conditions, Dying Light is one heck of a game where rules changes when the sun goes down. State of decay breakdown is another game that you may like to download.

Dying Light 2015 Game Free Download

Features of Dying Light 2015 PC-spel

Following are the main features of Dying Light that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

  • Survival horror game.
  • Presented in first person perspective.
  • Based on zombie apocalypse theme.
  • Set in open world.
  • Got free running mechanics.
  • Rules change as the sun goes down.
  • Dynamisch weersysteem.
  • Based on Chrome Engine 6.

Additional DLC Included with game setup

  • Dying Light – Razer Outfit
  • Dying Light – The Lacerator Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – Urban Explorer Outfit
  • Dying Light – Wrench Kiss Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – Alienware Outfit
  • Dying Light – Buzz Killer Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – Be the Zombie
  • Dying Light – Ninja Outfit
  • Dying Light – Punk Queen Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – Special Agent
  • Dying Light – Techland Outfit
  • Dying Light – Nvidia Outfit
  • Dying Light – The Constable Weapon Pack
  • Dying Light – Night Club Weapon Pack

Dying Light 2015 Game Free Download

System Requirements of Dying Light PC Game 2015

Before you start Dying Light 2015 Game Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Besturingssysteem: Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ ramen 8 en 8.1
  • processor: Core i5 3.3 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Ruimte op de harde schijf: 40 GB
  • Install Steam to play online

Dying Light 2015 Game Free Download

Dovend licht 2015 Spel gratis downloaden

Click on the below button to start Dying Light 2015 Spel gratis downloaden. Het is een volledig en compleet spel. Gewoon downloaden en beginnen met spelen. We hebben een directe link voorzien van de volledige setup van het spel.


Voordat u gaat installeren, moet u deze installatiegidsvideo bekijken



Fix For Game Save Problem

A lot of users complained about Game Save Issue of Dying Light. So if your Dying Light game is not saving. Please Download the Below Fix zip file and copy the extracted files to Game Folder. Then Start your Game. You’ll see Continue Button and it will start Saving Game from now on.

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