Download gratuito di distress fotonico

Photonic Distress Download gratuito Configurazione del gioco per PC in un unico collegamento diretto per Windows. È un'azione straordinaria, gioco di avventura e indie.

Gioco per PC di emergenza fotonica 2018 Panoramica

Photonic Distress (o PD in breve) è una miscela di puzzle/platform in prima/terza persona con un tocco unico. You wake up in an internal representation of your conscience where your goal is to collect 100 memory fragments throughout increasingly complicated and increasing in size levels, or dreams. But there is a catch! These levels are not illuminated. You have a Photon gun that you can use to light your way up as you go through these levels. Initially this is only in form of colorful balls, or photons, that your shoot from your gun, and they light up a certain area. As you collect fragments, the upgrades will become available for you, such as a flashlight attachment, a scan grenade – that shows an outline of the world around you and highlights points of interest, e altri. Once you collect 100 fragments the final room will open where you can go to end the game.

Download gratuito di distress fotonico

To provide maximum replayability, level generation is based of a Pseudo Random Number Generator. The seed you choose or randomly generate when starting a new game will dictate how your levels look, what they are made of, how many fragments you will find in each level and etc. This means that you can complete the game on various difficulties for the same seed, or various seeds for the same difficulty and every time it will look different.

Photonic Distress Free Download

Features of Photonic Distress

Following are the main features of Photonic Distress that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System.

  • PD features 4 le difficoltà: Easy, Medium, Hard and Impossible.
  • Based on your chosen difficulty your gameplay may be quite relaxing as you quickly go through levels or very challenging.
  • The tiles that make up your level have a difficulty rating from 1 per 10. On easy, the difficulty rating increases every 10 livelli, on impossible – every 2 level.
  • As the difficulty keeps increasing you will find that the levels will be made up with tiles that are increasingly trickier.
  • We have to admit higher level tiles give even the calmest of us an urge to smash something.
  • Levels also gradually increase in size – more so with chosen difficulty.
  • Hai immagini fantastiche.

Photonic Distress Free Download

System Requirements of Photonic Distress

Before you start Photonic Distress Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

  • Testato su Windows 7 64-Po
  • Sistema operativo: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • processore: 3.0 GHz Quad Core
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Dimensione dell'installazione: 6.3GB
  • Spazio su disco rigido: 11GB

Photonic Distress Free Download

Download gratuito di distress fotonico

Click on the below button to start Photonic Distress. È un gioco completo e completo. Basta scaricarlo e iniziare a riprodurlo. Abbiamo fornito collegamento diretto alla configurazione completa del gioco.

Prima dell'installazione è necessario guardare il video della guida all'installazione


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