GTA 1 Download gratuito

GTA 1 configurazione Download gioco per PC in collegamento diretto singolo per le finestre. Grand Theft Auto (GTA-1) 1997 è un gioco di azione e avventura.

Grand Theft Auto 1 Gioco PC 1997 Panoramica

Grand Theft Auto 1 was developed by DMA Design which is now known as giochi da rockstar and was published under the banner of BMG Interactive. This game was first released for Microsoft Windows in ottobre 1997. This is the first edition of the world’s famous game series where a group of criminals go all ends up in three fictional US cities and perform various criminal acts like assassinations and bank robberies etc. You can also download GTA IV Complete Edition.

GTA 1 Download gratuito

GTA 1 PC Game consists of six levels which have been divided into three fictional cities and the player is given a task which he needs to complete for gaining points and for advancing to the next level. Each level has got its own ingredients and different set of mission. Each level starts with a telephone box. Questo gioco ha 8 playable characters in which four of them are male and remaining four are female characters. The player is free to move in the city and he can gain points by destroying different things that come their way. Different tasks have different impact on your points. Harder the tasks more points you will earn. You can steal a police car and run over pedestrians. The three fictional cities included in this game are Liberty City which is based on New York City, San Andreas which is based on California and Vice City which is based on Miami. You may also like to download GTA San Andreas.

GTA 1 Features

Features of GTA 1

Following are the main features of GTA 1 che si sarà in grado di provare dopo la prima installare sul vostro sistema operativo.

  • azione impressionante e gioco di avventura.
  • First edition of the world acclaimed GTA series.
  • Consists of six challenging levels.
  • Three fictional cities included which are Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas.
  • Avuto 8 personaggi giocabili.
  • Players are free to move in the city.

GTA 1 Download For Free

System Requirements of GTA 1 Gioco PC 1997

Before you start GTA 1 Download assicurarsi che il PC soddisfi i requisiti minimi di sistema.

  • Sistema operativo: Testato su Windows 7 64 Po
  • processore: Intel Pentium III o superiore.
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Spazio su disco rigido: 500 MB

GTA 1 Setup Free Download

GTA 1 Download gratuito

Click on the below button to start GTA 1 Download gratuito. E 'piena e completa del gioco. Basta scaricare e iniziare a giocare. Abbiamo fornito diretta link completo di impostazione del gioco.

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